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30 July 2019



Unfortunately, all our litters from Tegan and her daughter Maple have produced one or more puppies affected by SRMA. Our attempts to breed away from it using different stud dogs have been unsuccessful. As responsible breeders, we have therefore decided not to breed further puppies from this bloodline, unless a DNA test becomes available, which seems unlikely in the near future, although research is ongoing. With River still young, we have no plans to buy-in another puppy.

Also having a litter requires a great deal of hard work and we are not getting any younger. We have, therefore, effectively retired from breeding.


 Our Breeding Policy

Our dogs are primarily pets and active members of our family. We have owned dogs since 1980 and have been breeding occasional litters since 1997. We strive to produce intelligent, well socialised  puppies, whilst not overlooking the fundamentals of health, conformation and temperament.  So far we have bred three litters of Labradors and 2017 was our third litter of Tollers.

We will not mate a bitch under two years old (usually older) and we have no more than two litters from a bitch in her lifetime. At the moment, Maple is our only bitch of breeding age, but we do not plan any more litters from her.  Amba, as a buff, will not be bred from and has been spayed. River will not be old enough to breed until 2020.

Our bitches used for breeding are health tested to meet and usually exceed the requirements of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme and the breed clubs’ Code of Ethics. Results are published on this website and copy test certificates can be supplied on request.

We spend many hours handling and socialising our puppies from a very young age so that they will be able to cope with any situation. We start basic training and toilet training.

In addition to the minimum information requirements of the Assured Breeder Scheme, our puppies come with a comprehensive care and training manual based on our long experience. We also supply weekly photos of the puppies from birth. Puppies also come with a blanket or fleece and a small selection of toys, all bearing the litter’s scent and an initial supply of food. They have initial free insurance cover through the Kennel Club.

We believe that anyone who breeds puppies should take responsibility for their welfare for the whole of their lives. We therefore assess potential puppy buyers very carefully to ensure that our puppies go to only the best possible homes. We also try to match personalities of puppies to appropriate owners and may refuse a sale if we believe the puppy is not the right temperament for the owner.

We like to keep in touch with our puppies for the whole of our lives and will take back any puppy we have bred.