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Client References

Miss KW
'It is safe to say that Kings Canines Daycare Service has changed mine and Bob's (my little Dachshund) lives. Bob has been with Kings Canines since day one and I have never looked back. Leaving Bob with Becca I know he is safe and having fun whilst socialising with other dogs and learning at the same time.  
Bob suffers with terrible anxiety when left alone and as a young pup we were having to take time off work unpaid, having complaints from our neighbours and generally wondering how we would be able to keep this little pup. Thankfully Becca entered our lives and now it is hard to believe those were the same people/dog!
Bob goes to Kings Canines day care on averages 3-4 times per week- as he has done now for nearly two years. Each day when Becca arrives Bob is so excited to see her and scampers off without a look back. Having seen Becca in action in her training classes I know she is calm and assertive with her dogs and that they all love her as much as she loves them!
As well as looking after Bob on a daily basis, Becca will offer us tips and advice on all things dog related. Whether this be health advice or tips on training she really goes the extra mile for her clients and each dogs individual needs. Her knowledge knows no bounds but she continues to learn different skills within the dog world to further her passion and experience.
I am grateful every day that we found Becca and am confident that Bob is in the best hands. I am only sorry these few paragraphs don't do her and her business justice.'

Mr KB Northwood 2014 to present
Our 1 year old Black Lab has been going to Beccas daycare once a week or so since he was a few months old.
Our Lab doesnít even look back when Becca gets to the door. He is so excited to go off for the day with her, and enjoy the several walks and activities she provides during the day. I have 100% confidence in Becca to look after our individual needs, plus the dogs exercise needs and safety. There is also far more to Becca than a dog walker. She is an extremely competent and capable trainer, and if you havenít seen her in action in her training classes, you (and your pup) are missing out!

We have always found her to be completely professional, enthusiastic and very flexible (as we donít have a regular booking but use her services ad hoc and often at short notice). Rain/Shine/Wind etc, Becca has been 100% reliable during our Labs first year at home and the fact that she collects and delivers the dogs door to door is a huge bonus. She has never let us down and I have no hesitation in recommending her for training and/or walking and daycare services

MS B.W Ruislip 2013 to present
We have a 7 month old Labrador pup, Snoop, who has been going to Becca's 'daycare' for the past couple of months (we got to know Becca through the puppy training classes). At the beginning I was nervous about handing snoop over to someone else (although I knew Becca clearly has a great affinity with/for dogs). Becca knew that I was worried and promised to send me some photos to let me know how things were going - which she did. It might sound silly but sending me photos of snoop out on his walk in the woods/fields clearly having fun -really put my mind at rest that he was ok and not missing home or me too much (if at all...).
Becca has proved to be reliable, professional, flexible, personable and very dog-friendly during her time looking after Snoop. Her experience in dog training enables her to keep even our very excitable and bouncy puppy under control with great ease and she clearly makes walks fun as Snoop absolutely loves her! He is thrilled to see her each day and happily goes off without a backward glance.
 I can honestly say that I feel confident going to work, knowing that Becca will arrive on time and that Snoop will be in safe hands, having fun and getting regular exercise. For those days when no-one can be home either for collection and/or drop off, Becca has a set of keys to let herself in. She has proved very responsible in safeguarding those keys and locking up etc. I have no hesitation in recommending Becca to anyone and can say, hand on heart, that I feel we are very lucky to have found Becca. I am sure you will feel likewise should you decide to proceed.
Snoop is still a regular at Daycare he is now coming up for two.

MS D.A, Eastcote 2013\14 to present
We took ownership of our 8 week old Chocolate lab, Poppy last November and Becca has been offering hints and tips from the very beginning.
However, after an incident with a neighbour, we decided our over- excitable pup needed some proper  1-1 training.
Becca has taught us so much about dog 'language'. Helping us to recognise signals which in turn nip any potential incidents in the bud.
The training has been invaluable. Lead walking, recall, consistency with commands etc. Poppy has improved immeasurably. Plus the added bonus that Poppy just loves her to bits, makes the whole process fun.

Becca is extremely reliable, calm and knowledgable.
I have no hesitation in recommending her for 1-1 training, or her fabulous dog walks.


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