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About Rebecca King

‘She’s got a natural gift’ said by a Champ Show Breeder and Head Dog Obedience Trainer of 35 years experience. 
Those words first sparked the passion in me.

Having been involved in training family dogs since the age of six, I have built a passion for working with canines in all aspects of the dog world. I became involved in dog sports and husbandry ranging from; pet obedience, championship level flyball, agility, rare breed showing; winning numerous places at championship shows including top spots at Crufts aswell as whelping and socialising new born pups.
From the age of thirteen I was asked to become more involved in the local dog club, gaining presence as an instructor and taking classes ranging from puppy basics up to intermediate and above levels. Currently still involved as a volunteer as one of their trainers as I believe a trained dog is a happy one!
Through my experience in showing and training different breeds I gained an interest of different styles and standards of a dogs coat ,therefore I have also completed a grooming course so am able to offer this as a service to my clients also.

As experience is being gained at every opportunity I am constantly looking at gaining academic achievements, widening my knowledge further and always keeping up to date with the changing methods, opinions and techniques of dog training. Through Kings Canines I can offer owners my experience in training and also allow my passion for all dogs health and happiness through exercise and mental stimulation, provided through my walking services, day care and grooming.

Kings Canines 5th Birthday is coming up and I couldn’t be more appreciative of my wonderful clients ad all the fabulous dogs I’ve had put a paw print on my heart.

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