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Club Class

7:00pm to 8:00pm

The Club Class is for our club members who have completed a course and wish to continue their dog’s training.

The aim of the class is to have fun while teaching your dog something new. Some Club Class  members have been coming for several years

We vary the content from week-to- week, to keep things interesting.

We may also show you how to teach a few tricks.

The Club Class costs 5 per week.


To join the Club Class, you must become a full member of the Club.
The membership subscription is 7.00 pa

(all subs renew on 1 February annually)

The Club Class is for our existing members and for owners who have completed the Puppy Starter Course and wish to progress further. 

We will also consider owners & dogs who have trained previously elsewhere and are of sufficient standard to fit into the class. Please contact us on 01923 823472

We do not currently offer any suitable classes for dogs over 6 months that have had no previous formal training.

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